New in the world of apps – the latest news and important updates! (1)

Replete with the app stores with millions of apps and we all have our bouquet, we own them but we share also in the use of some applications and services are famous, and some also pays for his curiosity to experience new things, in a series of articles “new in the world of apps” that we’ll periodically we’ll give you a summary of important news and updates for most popular applications!

الجديد في عالم التطبيقات: آخر الأخبار و التحديثات المهمة! (1)

New in the world of apps: the latest news and important updates! (1)

Google announces service youtube music YouTube Music

Google officially unveiled about the service of YouTube musical YouTube Music and through which the user can listen to music and watch video in one application is YouTube Music.

جوجل تعلن خدمة يوتيوب الموسيقية YouTube Music

Google announces service youtube music YouTube Music

Will the YouTube app Music available by free contains ads, or featured version the best benefits and without ads in exchange for $ 10 a month and will replace the service of Youtube RED. Will start the launch of the service and special applications by the beginning of the month of May gradually, in the different states.

Application Google News, Google News is now available for download!

Google officially launched Google News, ad hoc news, on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The application of Google News New works by artificial intelligence are able to bring the news that arouse your attention and suit your interest according to the topics that follow.

تطبيق جوجل للأخبار Google News متوفر الآن للتحميل!

Application Google News, Google News is now available for download!

The app also lets feature full coverage that can provide you all the links related to the news given from all sources, and also through which user can subscribe to newspapers and magazines the world easily and will Google News Service Shop Google Play Newsstand. (Download Google News free: iOS / Android).

Snapchat starts showing ads mandatory!

Started application snapchat ads to a short period of 6 seconds and non-negotiable terms of forcing the user to watch the AD in full. Application snapchat displays the ads since 2014 but it previously was called skip it if the user is interested in.

سناب شات يبدأ في عرض إعلانات إجبارية!

Snapchat starts showing ads mandatory!

New updates to the Google Maps application is Google Maps !

You say Google is currently testing some new updates in the application of its own maps, now clicking on one of the locations in Google Maps to display the plate from the bottom of the screen includes the name of the place, in addition to shortcuts to get to the feature of “trade default” and “trends” and “more information”.

تحديثات جديدة لتطبيق خرائط جوجل Google Maps !

New updates to the Google Maps application is Google Maps !

In addition to the button to form a small circle showing the trend, the indicator refers to the number of minutes that sites in the development of your site based on the means of transport the usual. These advantages will be available to users gradually.

Service Spotify may soon cease in the Arab States!

The company Spotify publish the announcement about the two new posts on LinkedIn and your post as well as on the website of official business. The first function is one of the senior editors, while the second is the Account Manager and technician, both of which cover the Middle East region.

خدمة سبوتيفاي قد تتوفر قريباً في الدول العربية!

Service Spotify may soon cease in the Arab States!

Require all of two posts a good background to work in the music industry. There wasn’t any official press release or announcement about the Launch Date of the Spotify actually in the Middle East, but is expected to be done by the end of the year.

Facebook announces stop 200 applications for investigation!

The scandal of the Cambridge Asia, which affected Facebook recently know because of her site for a lot of criticism because of the leadership of the company “Cambridge Asia” access to personal data of users and use them for political purposes.

فيسبوك يعلن عن إيقاف 200 تطبيق للتحقيق بشأنها!

Facebook announces stop 200 applications for investigation!

Recently Facebook changed its policies to reduce the frequency of the bus again, and conducted an investigation resulting in the shutdown of more than 200 different applications are accessing personal data of users, this investigation will explore those apps to see if such data is used inappropriately or shared with a third party.

Highlights of the latest updates for applications


  • WhatsApp:the new update allows picture in picture Pic In Pic allowed to play video clips and display photos that are shared from facebook and Instagram directly inside the app when you share it with one of the contacts.
  • Gmail:the new update adds to the advantage of Snooze to postpone the emails that you can’t read it and respond to later, and also a feature to send money from inside the app via Google Pay.
  • Microsoft Pix: the Microsoft Update applied to the camera to be able to read the cards and Personal Identification on their content intelligently and also added a feature to convert audio to text.
  • Snapchat:the new update includes the addition of a new design for the application.

System Android

  • Opera browser:the new update adds the feature of Night mode and Reader codes QR Code and new themes and other improvements.
  • Microsoft apps: new updates for some apps on the Google Play and apps include OneDrive and Outlook, and the Microsoft one.

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