New infusion confirms that Samsung is actually trying to hide the sensors behind the screen

Galaxy Note 9 --

Most smart phones that reached the market a newly included pieces at the top middle of the screen. The reason for this is the necessity of having space for some of the components like front camera sensor ambient light etc. However, it has indicated one of the recent tweets that Samsung is working on a way to hide those components under the screen.

It is unclear how accurate those rumors are, but featured tweets the new of the Chinese warrior famous Ice Universe appear to confirm this. According to the tweet, it appears that the section responsible for the development and manufacture of the screens in the Samsung s presentation in the Chinese city of Shenzhen where he played host to about 20 clients.

During the event there was a picture in the presentation you know some things that work on Samsung, one of this things how they work on a way to hide the sensors are different under the screen directly. This means that manufacturers can in the end create a smart phone with a screen stretching from edge to edge and without cutting.

At the moment, I used the companies different ways to avoid the coins in the screen. For example, based Samsung to make the upper frame of the company is large enough to contain the front-facing camera earpiece and the rest of the sensors of the other, while I used the other companies such as Vivo and Oppo have built-in cameras in the mechanisms of pop-up which allows it to use the screen stretch from edge to edge without the need to use the widget. However, it remains to be seen whether we’ll see this technology in the Galaxy S10 or not.

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