New landmark: Bitcoin will rise to 100 thousand dollars by the end of 2021

Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital has very high expectations regarding the price of Bitcoin — as much as 100 thousand dollars by the end of 2021. Earlier, he was able to predict that the bottom of the cryptocurrency will be found in the area of $ 3,000.

At the moment Bitcoin is trading at 11 396 dollars. For the past day coin rose by 4.62 per cent, this week BTC has managed to grow by exactly 22 percent.

Here very soon

Recently Pompliano reminisced about his famous forecast in the show is Off The Chain.

The prediction about the fall of Bitcoin prices by 50 percent was met with great skepticism, but it turned out to be true. Cryptocurrency still fell below $ 3,200 in December, but last Friday she was able to overcome the resistance line of 10 thousand dollars.

Now Anthony has a new landmark — 100 thousand dollars by the end of 2021. The conclusion of the expert is based on “the Economics of supply and demand”. In the next few years, the demand for Bitcoin can increase several times, while his sentence will be reduced twice due to the upcoming halving. Recall that the procedure of cutting the rewards per block BTC I think one of the main triggers bullrun.

In addition, the increased demand will impact the growth of Bitcoin adoption in the world, the use of institutional investors and the General instability of the traditional economy. Pompliano confident in his forecast “70-75 percent”. The analyst also did not forget to remind you about the high risks of investing in the crypt.

Trillions waiting for

The Executive Director of the Online Blockchain Clem chambers notes that Bitcoin moves in cycles of rapid growth and decline. On the upcoming bullrun we do not see any fundamental difference from the previous bullish cycle in 2017.

In the future we will witness the boom of popularity of the bubble growth and new bearish trend of digital assets. No one knows how high will Bitcoin rise, but it sure will overcome a line of its historic high.

FOMO have no limits, so that you can safely BTC long trades in a bull market.

The whole industry is now no more than one “blue chips” listed on the NASDAQ. We still have plenty of room for growth.

We will remind, the rise in price of Bitcoin in recent months, little impact on the popularity trends of cryptocurrency. In other words, real HYIP is yet to come.

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