New landmark: the Bitcoin price will rise at least to 74 thousand dollars in the coming years

When all analysts have come to a shaky consensus on the reversal of the global trend of Bitcoin, it’s time to talk about the peak following bullrun. Earlier, the trader under the name TraderScarface published a forecast, according to which the main cryptocurrency will jump to a minimum of 102 thousand dollars in the coming years.

The analyst Victor Dergunova has an opinion on this. Recently portal Seeking Alpha has published analysis of the long-term chart of Bitcoin. Here the goal a few others — according to Dergunova, the Bitcoin will reach at least 74 thousand dollars at the peak of the next bullrun.

Low start

The secret is in the waves of growth of the cryptocurrency. The first of them led to a rise in price of Bitcoin from 5 to 200 dollars, that is an increase of 3900%. Followed by a bear market, after which the coin soared from 50 to 1200 dollars, bringing its investors a 2300% return. Finally, the third wave of growth over the epic at the pump in December 2017 with an increase of 9800 per cent.

Dergunov decided to take for a basis the most conservative scenario. He extrapolated growth at 2,300 percent since the first wave of the current market situation. As a DNA analyst took the level of $ 3,200. In this scenario, the peak following bullrun is on line 74 thousand dollars.

Source: Ethereum World News

You can also calculate the following historical maximum by taking the average growth from all three waves, that is, 5333 percent. In this case, Bitcoin has the potential to grow to 170 thousand dollars. The time frame for bullrun fairly short — only a couple of years from today.

A key factor in the growth of cryptocurrencies will be the deficit. Bitcoin now own about 18 million people, and access to the Internet is at 3.2 billion. It turns out, 99,44 Internet users will become potential buyers of BTC.


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