New laws and resolute from YouTube and includes preventing the challenges and hazardous

قوانين جديدة وحازمة من يوتيوب تتضمن منع المقالب والتحديات الخطرة

YouTube has announced about the new laws increase the level of conflict on the sections that are lifted, probably mainly to avoid the penalties some states and issues of CCJ. Where that new laws will lead to shut down accounts of users who provide the content of the risk on the product and other things.

Comes first act of a new policy of YouTube about the thumbnail that shows the sections ” thumbnail”, the company said that any image violates the policy will lead to the stop expense of the owner of the video and then ban during the 90 day in case it is repeated three times in the same period after it even though he didn’t need the video itself for this violation.

The third law is concerning the external links that are added to the videos on the product, so that any link to the site is not commensurate with the policy of YouTube such as fake websites and suspicious or porn will lead to blocking the account after several irregularities.

In speaking of the second law which will affect many millions of users, on the Prevention of the clips provided and hazardous, as well as encouragement to do it on the product, which means that any clip stores will be deleted and deepen the channel and then blocked in case of repeated irregularities.

Recognizes YouTube that place is a huge clips pranks and challenges, but at the same time don’t want to use the owners of the channel methods have a negative impact and can pose a risk to human for the promotion of the pressure and challenges.

The company will begin application of these laws during the next two months, which will allow users to make the changes necessary to avoid any problems on the new laws.

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