New leaks about the future of the camera in the faith until 2022!

Use Apple Year-End launch of four versions of the iPhone 12, Apple will focus a lot on the development of the camera, especially in versions of the most expensive ones.

تسريبات حول كاميرا سلسلة ايفون 12 - تحسينات كبرى قادمة!Preview (opens in a new tab)

Feature Sensor Shift

According to the experiences of the famous Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple will add a new feature that allows you move the sensor Sensor Shift competent in the installation in at least one version of the versions of the faith to 2020.

The technique of moving the sensor, Sensor-shift completely differently from the technique of optical stabilization OIS, which I thought Apple to use it in phones faith for many years.

The technique of moving the sensor Sensor Shift is not new in cameras photography, but may be used in smart phones for the first time with series Apple iPhone 12.

The difference between the technique of optical stabilization OIS and move the sensor Sensor Shift that the first time you move the lens to compensate for any external movement may cause audio distortion or video the second new hernia by moving the sensor itself.

At the level of the results may give the technique of moving the sensor expected slightly better results, photos and more acute in its details.

The label says that this feature may depend on the version of the largest and most expensive of the faith this year, has expect Apple to use them next year to 2021 in more than one version.

Not having the lenses of the periscope until 2020

The importance of the lens of the Periscope in the camera it enables optical zoom real exponentially without distortion of the image or reducing its quality.

هواتف ايفون 12 قد تحمل كاميرا ليزرية بتقنية الليدار LiDAR

The lens of the periscope already exists in some phones such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra and OPPO Find X2 Pro and OPPO Reno 10X Zoom and the HUAWEI P30 Pro All allows optical zoom up to 5 or 6 times at least.

Currently allows Apple optical zoom Optical Zoom in camera Evo 11 even only twice, there is of course the digital zoom Digital Zoom but it weakens the sound quality because it is not a zoom camera true.

Other leaks mention that Apple would not think the lens of the Periscope in the faith until the year 2020 will make up in collaboration with a Taiwanese company called Genius Electronic Optical.

It is worth mentioning that recent reports also mentioned Apple’s intention here camera the fourth in phones faith with LEDs path LiDAR that relies on the imaging of the laser in determining the depth of the image create images and scenes three-dimensional photography and the applications of augmented reality AR.

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