New leaks about the game adventure Project Rune

In 2018, announced the development studio From Software games developer “accidentally” start working on a new game known as Project Rune in collaboration with the famous writer “George Martin”, but since that time has not yet disclosed any information regarding the new game.

Finally, after a year of the announcement of the game revealed leaked news 4Chan for new details about the game, which is supposed to be announced during the events of the E3 expo coming in June.

He pointed out that the new game is an extension of the Games series Dark Souls famous with the presence of changes mechanical in the style of play. Indicating that the new game will maintain the environment of the Black which is characterized by the studio From Software.

And mentioned the 4Chan website that the events of the game take place in the Middle Ages, and they will players atmospheres ascending, where players face a lot of monsters known them monsters Draugr we’ve seen in the game Sky rim and also the snow giant.

And the events of the game in war time cent a year in the kingdom go to war fierce fighting with surrounding kingdoms, the story begins during the journey of the Knights of the king to search for the stone of archaeological no special abilities allow them to excel the other kingdoms and defeat them in the wars between them.

Revealed leaked news 4Chan about three different characters to play, each with a style and enemies and areas differ from the other personality, where the personality of the warrior who carries a sword and shield, the personality of the magician who cast spells from the magic book, The Personality of the hunter who holds in his hand arc great.

Supports game developed cooperative play, where it’s possible for a player to enter in the world of other players and cooperate with them in completing tasks and fighting monsters or even attack them, so some of the activation phase play through the feature stone callback as in the game Dark Souls.

And use the game engine Unreal Engine 4, which engine is capable of producing millions of particles without affecting the performance of the game, allowing viewing of the game dynamically, which is the engine used by many games of the series Mass Effect and a series of jersey of War series and Batman series Tom Clancy’s splinter torrent.

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