New leaks confirm the designs and sizes of the screens of all the iPhones coming this year

iPhone 2018

In the case if the leaks and rumors the former is true, it is supposed to say Apple launch three iPhones in the third quarter of this year. It should be noted that previous rumors hinted that two of these three phones will feature two OLED screens in sizes 5.8 inch and 6.5 inches, while coming to the second phone and the last with the LCD screen size of 6.1 inch. And speaking of that, we got today on leaked images of the new review will not color the glass front of this smartphone for the next three of Apple TV later this year.

These leaked images of the new review will not color the glass front phones iPhone three new rule this year along with some other. As you notice, this smart phone three will come with screens of different sizes include a 5.8-inch and 6.1 inch and 6.5 inch, all with cut in the middle part of the upper, and this is what hints that it’s coming all together with technology to recognize the three-dimensional facial Face ID.


Chin almost disappeared in the phone iPhone economy with a 6.1-inch allude to the fact that LG and Apple have reached a How To for the production of LCD screens to match the beauty of the iPhone X. regardless of the screen, there are the economic provider of the LCD will have only one camera in the rear unlike the two phones with two screen OLED, they are coming with two cameras at least in the backend.

It is worth mentioning that previous reports have stated that Apple is planning to ship 91 million units of its phones by the end of this year. In the year 2019, the company plans to Apple to ship 92 million units of other smart phones, the three new. The company expects bigger sales than usual because of that existing customers will upgrade in large numbers to the phones iPhone new.

After the initial launch, expected to get the iPhone three new sales of 20 and 60, 45 and 40 million units throughout the Four Seasons streak. Analysts to be the iPhone X Plus is the best-selling phone, followed by iPhone economic-screen LCD.


When it comes to price, it was the the Chinese famous Ming-Chi Kuo had indicated earlier this month that it expected to be priced phone iPhone X Plus expected with the OLED screen The size of a 6.5 inch by about $ 1,000, while expected to be priced iPhone coming with a LCD screen size of 6.1 inch at about 700 USD. It is estimated that phones the new iPhone will come in different colors. May be offering iPhones with screens OLED colors include black, white and gold, while may is the launch of the iPhone-screen, LCD colors include gray, white, blue, red, orange.

Obviously we don’t expect Apple to confirm anything about the iPhone New at the current time. Expected to reveal the company unveiled the phones to the new iPhone later this year, is likely to be done in the month of September.



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