New leaks expose us +Galaxy S9 works one Samsung Experience 10 clean

Galaxy S9+

Today was leaked a set of images you know will not the changes that will get millions Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 with the updated Android 9 Pie.

Update Android 9 Pie for smartphones of the three mentioned above come with interface Samsung Experience 10, a fact that will try to combine design elements in the facade of the old Samsung design elements in the new interface provided by the Google company for Android 9 Pie new. Will my Samsung significant changes to the level design to make the interface clean more than usual, although the notification panel with the icons, the round will still exist, will be to keep the interface and switching between apps is also nearby of the interface used in the system of Android rough.

On the other hand, the lock screen and Home screen is still reminiscent of the one Samsung used in its smart phones current even though they made some minor changes on the icons. Apart from that, Samsung added an option that lets users change the interface of the system to black color supports Night Theme, as well as adding navigation gestures, which we’ve seen before. You will be able to choose between gestures Samsung’s new navigation buttons virtual three traditional.


Generally, update Android 9 Pie demo will probably be available to testers enrolled and who have the Galaxy S9 or +Galaxy S9 in the near future. We hope that it doesn’t take Samsung much time to test this update as I did with the two phones Galaxy S8 and +Galaxy S8 when I started testing the updated Android Oreo these phones in the month of November last year and released the official update in mid-January, while it took two more months before you released an update for Android Oreo official phone Galaxy Note 8 in the month of March.



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