New leaks frustrating about the iPhone the next 11!

A lot of leaks have been published over recent months in relation to the likes phones for iPhone 11 next the end of this year. Some were promising and the other one was frustrating, the last registration of the published position of 5to9mac perhaps also bear some of the frustrating things for those who are waiting for the announced phones the iPhone this year!

تسريبات جديدة محبطة بخصوص هواتف آيفون 11 القادمة!New leaks frustrating about the iPhone the next 11!

No USB-C, no 3D Touch

After all you might use Apple TV use a separate Lightning traditional in the next versions of the iPhone through 2019, other than all of the previous leaks about the transition to USB-C new and promising that he would add to the iPhone as it happened with the iPad Pro 2018.

Will also take my Apple TV technology 3D Touch possible versions of the iPhone in recent years and instead of it there will be another technology alternative that allows Haptic Touch to differentiate between normal pressure and prolonged than the technique of 3D Touch Treaty on the compressive strength.

The screen will be as is

Like last year we will have three releases of the iPhone. The new version of the iPhone XR will get the same screen of the LCD while Will versions the other two following from the iPhone XS and XS Max with the same screen of the OLED display with the same resolution screen as well without any change.

The development in the camera front?

Perhaps this is something of an evangelist in the recent leaks which indicated that the front camera in iPhone 11 next you will enjoy the video capture slow motion at 120 frames per second.

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