New leaks point to a camera in the next version of the iPhone XR

A new change in the specification of the next version of the iPhone XR, unlike previous leaks which confirmed that the phone comes with the settings double in the camera background, confirmed the latest leaks that the phone also comes with the settings of three of the similar to higher versions that apply this year.

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The latest leaks about the next version of the iPhone XR to that, Apple offers a new version titled iPhone XR 2 or iPhone XI R this year, as confirmed leaks Mac Otakara from Japan, that Apple this year is aimed at lowering the costs of producing new versions of phones and the iPhone.

To achieve this goal stressed by the report of Mac Otakara that Apple will be three versions of phones the iPhone this year with the same specifications in design almost to the side of the same internal components, so will be versions of the Apple three this year the same design language that varies the size of the phone pricing with some of the specifications certainly.

It is expected that features an iPhone XI R Lenses possible wide-angle and also lenses telephoto, which would also in my phone iPhone XIs this year, also supports cameras of this general feature of optical zoom even twice.

Also to provide Apple three versions of phones iPhone settings triple for the rear-which give the design a triangle shape, a design which is monitoring the delivery of the comic for the iPhone XI, also comes the LED flash in the corner of the settings of the camera background.


I know of

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