New leaks reveal the design of the Switch Mini of Nintendo

Spread a lot of rumors and leaks about the plans for Nintendo to launch a new version of the game console Switch, and today I spotted the first shopping catalogs unit Switch Mini.

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In the time that’s trending in a lot of rumors to the plans for Nintendo to launch a new version of the gaming console Switch spec more power for customers the best, came shopping catalogs today to review the design of the unit games Switch by the smaller size of the title Switch Mini.

Also, despite the publication of leaks photographer unit Switch Mini, but Nintendo did not confirm officially its plans to launch the new version, particularly with the profits earned by the company from the version of the Switch current.

I came to new leaks through one of the manufacturers of accessories, it revealed a portfolio designed for the controller in games next Switch Mini, as allocated to the manufacturer accessories a full page for accessories Nintendo Switch Mini.

Projections indicate that Nintendo is on its way to replace the game console 2DS issuing new Switch Mini on the market, to come to the design constant is not in units of Joy-cons removable, so we expect more details about the plans for Nintendo next need of the gaming consoles.


I know of

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