New leaks reveal the expected price for LG G8 ThinQ

Used LG for the official announcement from LG phone G8 ThinQ on the 24th of February, and in new leaks today revealed the expected price of the phone, which comes in the level pricing of less than $ 1000.


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Revealed LG in the previous period about some of the details of the specification need the next G8 ThinQ, where the need is possible this year with full control of Silva sensor three-dimensional.

In new leaks today revealed pricing available for LG G8 ThinQ according to a screenshot posted on reddit can lower the price of the phone in Canada and, where applicable, the phone to market at a price of $ 900, almost, which is a good price for the model phone is possible with a storage capacity of 128 GB.

Also expected to vary the price of the phone when it was launched in the markets of the United States, where projections indicate a lower price of up to $ 850, and also the price may rise in case the company’s offerings provided the requests of the prior reservation.

So, we expect the official announcement of the phone G8 ThinQ that applies in the conference phone the world this year in Barcelona, with the expectations of the start of the launch of the phone to markets in the month of March.


I know of

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