New leaks reveal the specifications of Galaxy Note 10

Out already some leaks own Galaxy Note 10 and there will be a lot until the device is actually, the leaks confirm that the width of that phone is the same display Galaxy Note 10 Pro, the two largest two models will launch by Samsung this year, is expected to be both models are quite similar in terms of design, it will be the obvious difference is the screen size.

Specifications the Galaxy Note 10 in accordance with the arrangements

تسريبات جديدة لـ هاتف Galaxy Note 10 وسامسونج تلتزم الصمتNew leaks for the Galaxy Note 10 Samsung pictures

These leaks cooling system of the Camera Vertical, which resembles the iPhone at the back, where the long-rumored that the flagship crown from Samsung will contain the camera system, my head, and cutouts also change feared by some lovers of Samsung, it seems that there will be no headphone jack size 3.5 mm the Galaxy Note 10, has already mentioned it also through the processes of previous leaks in addition to the countless reports about the device.

As there seems to be a problem in the upper part and supports that the rumors about the return of blaster rays to series Galaxy Note– does this happen already? We can’t answer until we see it actually, did not confirm the company Samsung anything about the design itself it is unlikely to do so before the official launch, there are statements already set off from the staff of the Korean giant is pushing us to believe that the device is running in August of this year, and until that date we expect definitely more leaks and rumors.

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