New leaks reveal us about the design of the Galaxy Note 10, stresses will not lack for heavens

Galaxy Note 10

Today appeared a group of new photographs cover protective designed specifically for Galaxy Note 10 coming from Samsung. Once again, assure us these new images to your phone tablet next flagship of Samsung will have three cameras in vertical position in the upper left corner, this means that Samsung will be responsible for the horizontal arrangement which is used since the Galaxy Note 8.

These new images that we’ve got today, you know, wouldn’t this protective cover specially designed for Galaxy Note 10 with one port for the woofer at the bottom, with slot for USB Type-C, also with access to the electronic S Pen. As I explained the leaks and rumors of the former perfectly, this picture tells us is that the phone Galaxy Note 10 lacks for headphones 3.5 mm.

By the way, this is not the Galaxy Note 10 Pro because of all the leaks that we have received in the past and hinted that this phone will get an additional camera in the back will most likely be of Type Time Of Flight.


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