New leaks reveal US important details about phone Lenovo Z5 Pro associated

Lenovo Z5 Pro

The company Lenovo slide the curtain officially on phone Lenovo Z5 Pro in two days, and exactly on the first day of November next. As pointed out by many of the previous leaks, the phone Lenovo Z5 Pro will screen retractable style phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the chip built-in security, and four cameras.

Will mechanism to pull the screen manually on the lines of Xiaomi phone Mi Mix 3. According to the source, this mechanism will be about 300 thousand pull at least, this means that this mechanism will be strong enough to keep the phone for Lenovo Z5 Pro with you for a few years.

As for the chip security, they will provide an extra layer of security, and is likely to be used similarly to the way you use Google chip Google Titan. Thus, this means that it will protect the metadata of the biometric on the chip knowing that the rumors say that the phone Lenovo Z5 Pro will sensor fingerprint in the screen.

Finally, the phone will Lenovo Z5 Pro four cameras – two in front and two in back. We have heard that the sensor base in the front camera will enable the device to accurately 25 megapixels, we will need to wait to find out the accuracy of the sensor second. Regardless of the cameras, it was speculated further that the phone Lenovo Z5 Pro will feature AMOLED display size 6.42 inch, and eight-core processor class Snapdragon 845, and the random size of 8GB, as well as a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh.



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