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With the approaching date of the announcement of the launch of the phone Pixel 4 start News growing about the event and free registration on this phone is awaited by a lot of people where it is expected that it will be the first in the imaging quality and camera performance own this in addition to the other advantages of multiple detected during delivery of the previously announced repeatedly this time published photos of the phone associated with the color coral, or as some call it orange and the color has not been announced or noted is not in the pictures that have been posted of the phone in the past.

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صفقات تُعلن لأول مرة بشأن Pixel 4 المُزمع إصداره في 15 أكتوبر

Managed site 9to5Google also detect the code in the application to the Google One , which indicates that anyone who buys a Pixel 4 will be able to get cloud storage free from Google for a period of three months, this may be another reason to make a purchase, at the same time if you request a Pixel 4 of the network Three in the UK, you’ll get what it looks like on the HP Chromebook 14, according to the image of the billboard were posted on Reddit announced a site Android Central.

It is worth mentioning that, as we heard before, you get pixel camera 4 on a screen size of 5.7 inches, while Pixel 4 XL on a screen size of 6.3 inches, and both cameras on the rear cameras dual lens 16MP + 12MP, will be shown to all next Tuesday and 15 October final details specifications phones Google leading which entail the issuance of its beauty.

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