New leaks won’t be painting the front of the phone two Nokia 9 and Nokia X7

Nokia 7 Plus تال

Except for the rear camera five-which was leaked at the beginning of this month, the phone Nokia 9 is still a mysterious to some extent. The same applies to Phone Nokia 7X the frequency also in the financial period that will be issued by company HMD Global Oy later this year with a processor Snapdragon 710.

Having said that, has now been leaked two pictures of the reality of the two can embrace us the color of the front of the Nokia 9 and Nokia 7X, which gives us an idea about the designs of the front ends on these two phones. The good news is that the screens on these two phones won’t come with any pieces in the middle part of the upper.

It seems that the screen of the phone Nokia 9 would have the frame bottom protruding a little bit, while keeping the top frame large enough to accommodate the earpiece, the front camera sensors to other necessary.


On the other hand, feature phone screen Nokia 7X frame is thicker in all four aspects, and this is most likely due to the fact that it will be of medium category. And pleasant surprises are to find Screen Phone Nokia X7-free widget in the top middle section, unlike his two brothers, and here all of the Nokia X5 and the Nokia X6.



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