New leaks won’t phone Xiaomi Mi8 and will come with his own version of the Animoji


Scheduled to be a formal unveiling of the phone Xiaomi Mi8 on the 31st day in the month of May, which means next Thursday. Thus, we should explore why the leaks related to the phone Xiaomi Mi8 began to make their way more to the internet lately. It has been today leaked a video clip on the internet reveals to us that Xiaomi will be launching emoji animated own style emoji Animoji that the Apple issue with the phone the iPhone X.

Regardless of animated emoji, it was the day it leaked set of promotional photos for a phone Xiaomi Mi8, a photo that confirms us again that the phone Xiaomi Mi8 will screen with cut in the middle part of the upper, dual camera in the backend. However, the interesting thing the most in these pictures is that they won’t phone the Xiaomi Mi8 with sensor fingerprint in the backend to note that the previous rumors suggested that this phone will sensor fingerprint in the screen itself, similar to some phones Vivo.

It should also be noted that the previous leaks hinted as well that the phone Xiaomi Mi8 will feature three-dimensional camera similar to the camera TrueDepth used in Phone iPhone X in the widget located at the top middle of the screen, this is confirmed by the already animated emoji that have been leaked today.

In addition to a technical support fast charging +Quick Charge 4.0, it has shown previous leaks as well that the phone Xiaomi Mi8 will have a screen size of 6.2 inches and accurately +FullHD sensor with the fingerprint, and the eight-core processor class Snapdragon 845, and the random size of 6GB, as well as an internal memory size of 128GB. However, it has also rumoured that there will be another version of the phone Xiaomi Mi8 will have 8GB of RAM.


Previous leaks hinted that the flagship phone next buy Xiaomi will add a front camera accurately 16 megapixel lens with a girl 2.0, camera rear Double accurately 20 megapixels sensor first and accurately 16 megapixels sensor the second note that the sensor first will lens girl 1.7, while will put the sensors of the second lens girl 2.0. And as you can expect, the phone Xiaomi Mi8 will come preinstalled with MIUI ROM 10, which will be based on Android 8.1 Oreo, as it will come with a thickness of 7.8 mm and weighing 172 grams, and a battery with a capacity of 3300mAh.

In case you missed this rumor, it has been said that the flagship smartphone next Xiaomi company will not protect the name Xiaomi Mi7, as initially anticipated, and it will come instead under the name of Xiaomi Mi8 in order to celebrate the second anniversary of the founding of the company Xiaomi. Generally, it should be detected by the phone Xiaomi Mi8 on the 31st day of May, so don’t forget to come back to us in time to get the official details.


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