New malware for Android keeps your messages and browser history

Despite the fact that the secret of personal correspondence is an inalienable right of every man, hackers in the majority hold a different point of view and then produce malicious applications that violate the protection of the messenger and read the message that we send. According to researchers at antivirus company ESET, recently in a Network there is another program of this type called OwnMe, spyware for WhatsApp users.

Like most spyware, OwnMe is distributed through compromised resources under the guise of benign. Getting on the device, spyware requests a number of privileges that allow it to take root in the system and start spying on users, collecting a wide range of data about him and his actions.

What information is collected spy apps

In addition to read WhatsApp chat, OwnMe saves a browser history of their victims, SMS messages, contacts, photos, data on the movements and the facts of the connection of infected devices to charge. However, as noted by Lucas Stefanko, virus analyst ESET, OwnMe is still in the testing stage, and therefore not all functions may work correctly. Obviously, he says that while the developers just feel the work of the Trojan in preparation for its distribution.

Stefanko studied the source code of OwnMe, which is available at the site for developers, GitHub, and came to the conclusion that by the time the release version of the malware can get a few extra features that extend its capabilities. In particular, he will be able to take screenshots, simulating the functionality of keyloggers and collecting data about logins and passwords of their victims, they use to log in to account all sorts of sites and web services.

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