New marketing campaign for Apple in India describe the iPhone 6S that phone is incredible

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The performance of the Apple TV was not good in India, the company is looking now to change the situation there by continue to promote the phone the iPhone 6S. This is not a typo, we mean the right of the phone released by the Apple for the first time in the month of September of the year 2015.

Smart phones latest Apple sale in India is priced too high, while the starting price phone the iPhone 6S 26910 Indian rupees only, equivalent to 382 USD based on current exchange rates. This great price for a phone iPhone, but for Android phones that you can get at that price, it seems to see the extent of the capacity of the phone the iPhone 6S to succeed in the Indian market.

Now being manufactured phone iPhone 6S in India to avoid taxes, import since last June. The manufacture of the phone iPhone 6S in India by company Wistron, which also manufactures the phone iPhone SE for Apple in India also. And the earlier rumors about the possibility of manufacturing phones iPhone Modern also in India, but this has not happened until now.

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