New NASA Rover “Mars-2020” have set the wheels

Engineers space Agency NASA has completed the installation of the suspension and installing six wheels on the new Mars Rover “Mars-2020”, which is scheduled to land in the Martian crater Jezero with a diameter of 45 kilometers in February 2021, according to the Laboratory jet propulsion (JPL) in Pasadena, where we are carrying out work on the Assembly apparatus.

A feature of the suspension of the Mars Rover “Mars-2020”

According to the source, each wheel diameter 52.5 cm made of aluminium and equipped with 48 grousers for increasing the patency of the machine by not the most convenient for movement in the Martian soil. Rods and levers of the suspension system for greater strength made of titanium. Each wheel contains a motor. In addition, the front and rear pairs equipped with the steering system in order to “Mars-2020” could twist it 360 degrees, not moving from the spot.

“Now it’s the Rover. He harness not only looks like a real Rover, but also ready for integration with the most important components, if you look in the rearview mirror,” commented one of the program Directors create a “Mars-2020” in David Gruel from the jet propulsion Laboratory.

Additionally it is reported that the suspension swing-like type similar to that used on the Mars Rover “Kyuriositi” which is currently working on the surface of the red planet. Thanks to this new Rover is designed to operate on surfaces with a slope up to 45 degrees and to develop an astonishing speed of 152 meters per hour. However, it notes that NASA experts will choose the route in such a way that the rate of slope of the surface does not exceed 30 degrees.

In the coming weeks, NASA experts are going to install mechanical arm-manipulator, mast with camera system and sampling of soil.

Without regard to hand-paddle the length of the Rover is about 3 meters, width 2.7 meters, and a height of 2.2 meters. Weight of fully equipped device is 1050 kg, but in terms of the Martian gravity the weight will seem less.

To run the new Autonomous Mars science laboratory in July 2020 from Cape Canaveral is planned to use the carrier rocket “Atlas-5”. One of the main tasks of the Rover will be to search for traces of life on Mars, as well as the study of the geological characteristics of the structure of the red planet and the composition of the Martian atmosphere.

Recall that together with the new marsokhod to the Red planet will go the compact helicopter. Scientists from NASA want to check if you can fly in a thin Martian atmosphere. Read more about this idea in one of our previous materials.

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