New Nvidia graphics cards can be much more expensive than we thought. Very

Yes, again, it’s still just rumors. In fact, a large proportion of IT is rumors or leaks. Moreover, in this case they are so joyless that they obviously need to voice.

In General, if you believe this data, as you already understood from the title, new Nvidia will be much more expensive than you would expect.

The source does not name the model, indicating only TDP, but I’ll “convert” is in the names for convenience. So, the GeForce GTX 1160 (or whatever it was called) will cost $ 500! If anyone remembers, GTX 1060 started at 300 bucks for a Founders Edition and $ 250 for preference. 450 bucks two years ago launched the GTX 1070 and is Founders Edition, and nerey was cheaper.

Went on. 1170 GTX will cost $ 600 (as at the start was worth of GTX 1080), but for the GTX 1180 will have to pay $ 700-750. Also promise that the GTX 1080 after the release of new products will become cheaper by 50 bucks and the GTX 1080 Ti — 100 bucks.

And another source says that Nvidia names not yet decided. That is, conditional GTX 1160 may go under the name GTX 2060, 2065 GTX or GTX 1165. But this is nonsense. Memory. Two low cards will get 8 GB of memory, and the eldest is 11 GB. This, incidentally, suggests that in fact three of the mentioned graphics card is a GTX 1170, 1180 GTX and GTX Ti 1180. And then it’s not so bad.

Contrary to recent rumors, to announce all three adapters are supposed together in September.

Now try to think about the prices. Until I see four options:

  • The adapters are really much faster than previous models and the price will be justified by performance;
  • There will be changes with the positioning and maybe with names. In the end, conditional GTX 1160 will be positioned not in the middle segment;
  • Nvidia leaves a large part of current generation adapters, and new items will be positioned above;
  • Nvidia just uses the absence of normal competition and raises prices without regard to the market.

The fifth option I mentioned just above. Perhaps some of these options overlap. Anyway, if the rumors are true, the popular graphics of the new generation we are in September will not show. Of course, it will come later. For example, it will be a GTX 1150 Ti for $ 300, but then it would have to be much faster GTX 1060.

In General, while it is all speculation and we hope that they are far from reality, but I warned you.

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