New particles could open the way to photonic computers

All modern electronic devices use to transmit information of the electrons. Now in full swing, the development of quantum computers, which many consider the future replacement of traditional devices. However, there is another, no less interesting way of development. The creation of so-called photonic computers. And recently a group of researchers from the University of Exeter (UK) has discovered a property of the particle that can help in the development of new computer circuits.

One of the main problems of devices running on electrons physics as reported in an interview with is that in the process of transferring information, they lose part of their energy that slows down as a whole. To resolve this problem, it came to graphene, but it has significant disadvantage, which told one of the authors Dr. Charlie-ray Mann

“Graphene is usually necessary to modify the lattice to change its properties, for example, deforming it. But this process is very difficult to control.”

The decision helped to find a particle with some properties of graphene, also known as the Dirac particle. It is unique because it can mimic relativistic particles without mass, which increases the efficiency of its movement.

“The key difference here is that the Dirac particles are hybrid particles, a mixture of components of light and matter. It is this hybrid nature gives us a unique way to customize their basic properties, manipulating them only a light component. We have the proven ability to slow or stop the Dirac particles and change their internal structure, which is impossible to do in graphene.”

Dr. Charlie-ray Mann and his colleague Dr. Eros Martini believe that their development could be the first step towards the creation of photonic circuits and manufacture of superfast computers.

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