New patent for Apple: to replace the volume buttons with the power of touch

Published by the Office of patents and trademarks in the United States recently a series of new patents to Apple. The latest was that which promises considerable development in the charging cable. Today we talk about the innocence of a new patent is to add buttons to either side work the power of touch or what is called a “force sensitive” which allows you to remove the button to raise and lower the sound in the iPhone.

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Apple’s explanation of this step that the buttons are “virtual” able to discover and measure the compression strength of the fingers it and then execute the specific command. These buttons are designed for the next generation of iPhone, The AND-iPad, and the Apple watch that Apple has already implemented the patent.

The fact that this patent is an extension for a patent similar to the provided by Apple’s different design structures buttons such as volume buttons, power button and a button switch, and the method and mode of operation, and its advantages different. Also add buttons to the introduction of other similar work the power of touch. And all that is possible to see in future generations of Apple devices different.

Topping Apple in the patent a device such as an iPad featuring titled record known to everyone such as a touch screen, the central processor, the keys switch the operation of audio, in addition to buttons for different input placed on one side of the device. Called Apple this patent by cruise.

Remember the Apple TV that these buttons are coupled to the processor and configured to accept several different types of inputs, may be compatible with the structure of the device provides further options using the methods of multi-touch all prolonged, or strongly pressed a little bit or touch light etc.

Among the models of the opposition, hint Apple to the next generation of the Apple watch, it is possible to replace these buttons to touch the power button place the following digital. And by the way, Apple made a patent in 2016 special hour Apple is the presence of buttons to work the power of touch also instead of the digital. Focus Apple in this patent for the details of the sensor of the touch with an iPad and the Apple watch, and the mechanism of operation of the hand sensor pressing force and the distinction between clicks to implement the multiple tasks.

There is also no doubt that this patent fold is multiple car within the Apple that allows the “phone without buttons” cancel all buttons from its devices as it did it before and she said Cancel button Home button switch in order to reduce the openings and buttons leading to a better phone. But, of course, is left to recall what we hate is always that we don’t when to apply these patents, perhaps in the next generation or the generations that followed or is it just the registration of patents to prevent the opponent from implementing the same ideas.

What do you think about a patent Apple? And do you prefer a device without buttons in the future? Tell us in the comments



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