New patent for Samsung may be the best phones bendy

May we all remember the Galaxy Fold removable bending, which has faced a lot of problems when you launch the demo no, certainly the idea of phones bendy new and innovative but it’s no secret that Samsung has used in its launch.

According to LetsGoDigital Samsung has patented a new in-depth about it, which is patented for adjustable-right hand corner, where it can be a pair of Pagan to the right to turn from the leadership of the phone to the tablet smoothly.

Published photos from LetsGoDigital and the Opposition above suggest that the phone will come with a camera shaped gap in the screen as is in cell phones S10 also coming to the phone without the entrance of the headphones is 3.5 mm. (Recall that the position of the LGD suggested the Galaxy S11 for this phone)

This phone is the removable of the individual it seems like entirely suitable replacement for phones bendy traditional including Galaxy Fold himself, especially to a mechanical individual tuck which will be simpler and smoother.

What distinguishes the new patent that it will be disadvantage of the main disadvantages of Galaxy Fold, the first is that the phone comes with a screen too small when it is bent and the second is the form of the camera instead of the note’s huge in the Fold.

Source: AndroidAuthority | LetsGoDigital

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