New policy of Twitter in the procedures of reporting and

سياسية جديدة من تويتر تطرأ على الإجراءات التابعة للإبلاغ والحذف

In an update on the actions of the tweet reported, the company has Twitter changed the process of watching a Twitter battle, telling its partners under the notice can be for you back again to tweet, given to invite a number of users in the protest sometimes refer to such tweets, especially in cases of legal reporting, the move of Twitter after the company earlier in the workout no options show and hide, that kind of tweets.

In addition, the company also modified shows to the user from behind to delete the tweets, both deleted by it or because of the action taken from the same site, ie it will display a note stating that the Office of Twitter, where the police reported that they in case you delete any tweet, they will mention that the observation of the “Twitter is no longer available because it violated the rules of the site,” where you gonna be this observation of 14 days from the date of the deletion in each of the user’s personal page or in the window tweeted.

She explained Twitter updates new video short on account security by what is described:

These new procedures from the company on this side in the shadow of a series of updates during the last period, to reduce harassment and violations scattered on the platform of the social impose a number of strict limitations to support the direction of the current.

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