New problem gives phone users iPhone X from answering


Despite the description of some expert EVO X new from Apple that the phone is the most advanced so far, however, the users complained of some annoying defects, as claimed by some users that they cannot reply on incoming calls, they expressed their anger through the middle of the Apple online, they said that when you touch someone with them, nothing appears on the screen which makes it impossible to answer the call.

The problem with an iPhone X

Users also reported that even after re-unlocking the phone, it works fine for a few days and then come back the problem to appear again, and asked some of the Apple examination of the problem to find out the reason behind this phones iPhone X.

ايفون XEVO X

This is not the first problem faced by users with phone EVO x, but over the past months he could not use the phone in cold weather because of the display screen that does not respond to touch, also bought the customers of tired and headache from using the device, claiming that a new kind of lighting causes eye problems.

Did not respond to the Apple company even now on the problem of the inability to respond to calls phones iPhone X, but is expected to release a formal statement in the coming days, especially with the multiple complaints.

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