New product effectively solves the problem of lack of oxygen in the blood

Oxygen is the basis of our life. There are more susceptible to the lack of tissue is less sensitive. But in any case, the lack of this important element of the authorities (and then entire body) will not last long. In case of violation of oxygen there are numerous ways for its replenishment, however, a group of scientists from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in conjunction with Omniox Inc. developed the drug, simplifies this task and do not possess side effects, inherent to known methods of therapy.

A new drug has been called OMX-CV, according to recent studies, in contrast to the methods of blood oxygenation (the process of saturation of blood with oxygen) it delivers oxygen only in those tissues that really need it. According to the editors of the journal PLOS Biology, a new therapy for the delivery of oxygen to tissues has shown its efficiency during the experiments involving animals. Discovered that OMX-CV can effectively restore the function of the heart in conditions of severe oxygen starvation.

“In General, any fabric in which there is a disruption of blood flow, whether it be injury, stroke or any other disease, can be restored with the help of this therapy.” — said the Professor at UCSF and one of the authors Emin Maltepe.

In contrast to the therapy based on drugs of hemoglobin, OMX-CV parencymal not the blood with oxygen thanks to a special protein H-NOX. It acts as a “carrier” of oxygen and can circulate in the blood until, until you “stumble” onto the fabric in a state of hypoxia. After that, the relationship between the protein compound and oxygen is disturbed. So the drug works only where necessary. This can be called a targeted therapy of hypoxic States.

“OMX-CV aimed at the release of oxygen only in pathological conditions. At the same dose to allow tissues to work even in conditions of increasing hypoxia.”

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