New quote of Steve Jobs reveals his impression of the real head of the current Apple Tim Cook

Steve Jobs is one of the founding partners of Apple, that even though he came late to this region after many problems I got with the management of the company except that it was one of the main reasons in the success of the company, and known to all.

Uncover “Walter Isaacson” the author of the biography of the late Steve Jobs some of the words cash, which was described by Jobs ‘ successor Tim Cook where he said: “Tim is not the man of the house” and has revealed Isaacson about these words in the meeting have been with him in the channel CNBC on Monday, as jobs had uttered those words before his death shortly, which happened in the year 2011.

The main reason to interview Ouattara Isaacson with CNBC was on talking about let Jony Ive director of the design department of Apple, which was the recipient of a quote cited by Isaacson.

Jony Ive, the director of the design department at Apple (on the left) with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

Added Walter Isaacson also: “in every day where Steve Jobs, at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino in his last days he was going in the middle of the work day to this section for CSS, which is the door of the studio designs then begins to breathe with Jony Ive to address product after the other, this is where they weren’t just interested in the design of the phone but also the design of the charger, cable and even the simple parts used in the connecting cable and packaging.”

In general, in reading the same, jobs was “the man of the house,” as he liked to Jony Ive.

As for Tim Cook, president CEO current Apple is “operations man”, as a man well versed in matters of department processes and ensures that the previous function in the company was director of operations COO as it is known within the company to planning and development and products.

“I think that Apple now knows how to perform operations is excellent, it lacks these two friends who have mastered how to show the beauty of the product” – Isaacson said, speaking of jobs and Ive.

We shouldn’t overlook also that both Jony Ive and Steve Jobs have collaborated on the design of some Apple products are iconic, such as iPod, iPad in. In the end mentioned Isaacson, author of the biography Steve Jobs biography that he didn’t want to include this quote in the biography don’t even understand is wrong, only that he had had revealed in these times, especially after leaving the eve of the company.

The following are the meeting Walter Isaacson with CNBC:

Source: Business Insider

(The source stated that he had asked Apple to comment on it except that the police did not use)

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