New report ” confirms ” that Apple has lifted the pace of the production of iPhone 11 by 10%

iPhone 11

It seems that the lineup iPhone 11 Series the new Apple TV enjoy request higher than expected, resulting in increased energy productivity by 10%. Explained news agency, the Japanese Nikkei that it is expected to launch 7 to 8 million additional units note that the majority of these units will be a iPhone 11 because it was reducing the number of units required production of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

According to sources close to the party, the Apple increase the pace of production of the iPhone dramatically this year compared to last year. Was Apple always excited about the initial applications for iPhone new, so this increase is not new. In the future, does not expect suppliers of the components of the iPhone an increase in demand during the holiday season.

In addition, increasing the height of the demand with the postponement of the US government tariff of 10% on electronic goods made in China, which include the iPhone New. This would also help in increasing the sales in the United States of America during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

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