New report ” confirms ” the advent of new models of the Nintendo Switch this year


According to rumors, it is likely that the company Nintendo to launch new models of your Nintendo Switch this year. According to a new report released recently from the Wall Street Journal of America, it seems that these rumors are true because the Press ” confirmed ” that we will most likely launch two new models of your Nintendo Switch this year.

This, according to one report which indicated that one of the two versions may be a upgraded version of your Nintendo Switch, while it will be fashioned the other is a low-cost version. In the case if the rumors are true, it appears that the low percentage of the cost of the new device Nintendo Switch will be mounted only on the reverse of your Nintendo Switch current, which can be used also as a gaming machine my house when it is linked with the TV using a docking station that comes with the device.

Company Nintendo has previously denied it is working on a new gaming device, but the company decided to mitigate its position when she is always working on new hardware and it will work for when you feel they are ready from all aspects. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the company Nintendo is already working on new models from a Nintendo Switch, although all the indicators suggesting it.

We do not currently have any information about the materials which we may expect the release model of the Nintendo Switch to the new, but expected to be devices Nintendo New ready by the holiday season to harvest more sales with the knowledge that the organs of the new games are very high demand in that period of the year.

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