New report ” confirms ” the fact that the Samsung phone rollaway would be costly to consumers

Galaxy Note 8

If you want to get Samsung phone the midwife to commend when you launch it, be prepared to pay a lot of money, because according to a new report released today by South Korean news agency ET News, it seems that the Samsung phone rollaway won’t be cheap. The report says it could cost this phone about 2 million Korean won when it was launched, which is approximately $ 1800 USD based on current exchange rates.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that we hear about this. It was suggested a report released in June also phone Samsung folding can cost about $ 2,000, which means that these reports at least support each other. There may be many reasons behind this price, including the techniques used, so you might try the Samsung to offset some of its losses.

This may be due also, according to another to the fact that the phone will be available in limited numbers, which means that Samsung won’t be able to cut prices as it won’t produce large quantities of this phone. This poses a problem for Samsung, which is how can we convince the public to buy this phone?

We’ve heard reports that Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo has plans to launch its smart phones collapsible also, they may cost half the price of a Samsung phone. In addition to that there is no evidence that flip phones will be the next big thing in the smartphone market, but in both cases this will be something we need to waiting and looking at him.


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