New reports suggest postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold longer than the average

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Even now, I hear a lot of people that Samsung decided to officially postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold so the company can fix the problems of the durability that have been detected in the phone. It was expected not to take this delay a long time, but according to new reports from South Korean media, there’s a chance that it takes more time than we thought previously.

According to reports emanating from South Korean media such as Yonhap and The Korea Herald, they use many of the sources are not disclosed her name I told her that we should not expect the launch of the Galaxy Fold in the next month. Now, to be separate the two, but Samsung did not disclose to us at any time for any information about the new date to launch the Galaxy Fold, but it seems the information we have currently indicates that the company might announce something new soon.

If the reports are true, it is likely to be the launch of the Galaxy Fold again later this year. And also reports that this is due to the process of ensuring the quality of the phone takes longer than expected, and Samsung also need to re-make sure that the phone runs well with cellular networks, which may delay the process all over.

In the meantime, some stores such as Best Buy to cancel all pre-orders on the Galaxy Fold, instead of waiting to use the Samsung in the end on the new date for the launch.

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