New research blames on YouTube because of the spread of ” the theory of a flat Earth “


There are still a lot of people who believe that the Earth is flat for some reason. You won’t find any shortage of content that supports this ridiculous theory on the internet. It seems that the theory that says that the Earth is flat again, and throws a new search to blame in the spread of this theory on YouTube.

Include assistant professor in Science Communication at Texas Tech University, Ms. Asheley Landrum to the people of the 30 who were interviewed as part of this research they said they didn’t think that the Earth was flat until they saw the video clips that promoted this theory on YouTube.

The only person who was a believer in this theory even though it did not watch it on YouTube he built his opinion based on the statements of family members who have been affected in fact by a video they saw on YouTube.

Noted professor Asheley Landrum during her conversation with the American Association for the advancement of Science in Washington, D.C., that most people who believe in the theory that the Earth was flat was their recommendation watching these videos after I watched videos about other theories like the moon landing and the theory of 9/11.

Given that anyone who browses YouTube for long enough to make the recommendation algorithms related to his interests, it is not hard to pay users to watch such videos and make them enter in the stage of confusion and uncertainty. According to Ms. Asheley Landrum, it has stated by saying : ” the algorithm of them make it easy to end up falling into the spiral of chaos, confusion and uncertainty, through the provision of information to the people who will be more prone to it “.


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