New resolutions for tracking and advertising on children’s apps

Apple announced new decisions to reduce the tracking and announcements external applications designed for children according to a new report from the Washington Post. Come to decisions after an inquiry from the press of application developers who do not accept these changes and what is the way you work free apps for children if the reduction of those adverts. Do read Apple TV in these restrictions on the adverts and tracking and collection of data in the application of children’s right? And the impact on the future of those applications? And why the late Apple in the implementation of their implementation?

Earlier this year, there have been reports indicating that Apple will follow the third-party ads in apps that target children to protect their privacy better, and announced that Apple officially announced these changes in June. Planned to implement these changes in September, but now they hesitate to implement this for developers more time to adapt to the new rules.

After an inquiry from the Washington Post, Apple Inc. said last Friday, it is now planning to postpone the change of those rules. Said Fred Sainz a spokesman for Apple in a statement sent via e-mail, “we will not retreat from this important issue, but we’re working on helping developers to accept this situation”. The statement said that there is broad support didn’t try Apple do to protect the children”.

Inhibit the instructions App Store the App Store new apps children use the services of third-party analysis, which can gather a lot of data about usage habits. As well as work to reduce the ads strongly in children’s apps in order to help maintain their privacy, it may not be for those applications to transfer data to other external. The application of this guidance to date on new applications. Must follow the current applications of this principle by September 3, 2019.

The impact of those decisions on the developer apps kids

I don’t doubt that there are major concerns about those changes by the developers, including Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome, a company designed to help developers to pass laws for children’s privacy. He told The Washington Post, “this will be simply the category of children’s apps”.

Said Gerald Young Blood, the developer of the application video games Tankee for Kids, The Washington Post, the new rules of Apple may limit the ability of the Tankee on display ads, which affect his decision by making the app free.

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I didn’t remember Apple number of children’s apps that collect personal information about children, which makes it unclear the extent of the problem. Instead of blocking all tracking operations and of the ads, want the developers of Apple to impose on all children’s apps that use ads and transfers what is called a check chain.

But Phil Schiller told The Washington Post that Apple initially tried to contact the developers and advertisers to ask them to remove the ads is not appropriate, but this approach failed in the end. He continued to Schiller that Apple talked to some developers before implementation of the new rules. Schiller said, “We’ve collected enough data that make us implement those decisions in the right way”.

The developers have another problem in addition to prevent them from collecting data or display ads, which is that Apple want to limit the options for external actors. They say that the restrictions of the new Apple TV will motivate them simply to begin to develop applications made technically adults, even if the users are children.

It is not clear how and when Will Apple those changes identified in June, is not known also whether the company is planning to make adjustments before putting those new guidelines or not.

What do you think about the decision of Apple in the Prevention of tracking and ad-on applications the kids? Tell us in the comments.



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