New restrictions imposed by China on web pages with blocked Wikipedia in all languages

A new report reveals today making the state of China’s new restrictions not advertised on the internet, after that was restricted to the Prohibition of Wikipedia previously in Chinese also began to Chinese state during the financial period in blocked Wikipedia in all languages.

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Used the state of China’s strict restrictions on the use of social networking sites and some Internet Web pages to prevent users from criticizing the government, where China imposed a ban on Wikipedia in 2015 to prevent users in China from accessing specific pages.

It is a new monitoring report published today banned the last for Wikipedia began during the month of April, where the Chinese block access to the wiki pages in all available languages and the Chinese language only.

This comes of the ban in conjunction with the approaching thirtieth anniversary of the events of Tiananmen Square, which protesters to violently from the Chinese government, where China is trying to hide any pages to show these events on the internet, as well as the Prohibition of Twitter and networking sites which are where users of the government to these violent events.

From another side confirmed the foundation of Wikimedia, told AFP that China did not submit any notifications prior to the start of banned pages of Wikipedia in all languages in China, they have more stringent restrictions imposed in the end of China.


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