New scheme: hackers lure of “free” bitcoins YouTube

Hackers are back in business. Qulab Trojan steals information from the clipboard and distributed on YouTube with the help of fraudulent video about the supposedly generator free bitcoins. Data are published news resource BleepingComputer, while about a new Troyan journalists were reported by the security researcher Frost.

According to him, support for YouTube is likely to remove the fraudulent videos, but hackers will create new channels.

The video advertises a tool that allows users to generate free BTC. In the video description contains the link to download. When clicking on the link, unsuspecting users have downloaded Trojan Qulab. In addition, it must be installed on the computer, and many did not hesitate to do it.

Trojan not only steals user information, and quietly copies the data from the Windows clipboard. He is able to recognize the address format cryptocell: as soon as such information enters the buffer, the malicious program instantly replaces it with the address of the wallet hacker. Subsequently, the user inserts this string in the browser when you try to send cryptocurrency and sends them to the attacker.

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This scheme is viable, since users often don’t remember even visually how their personal wallet address, and therefore does not notice the substitution. According to the report, the Trojan is able to recognize many different wallets, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, the Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and many others.

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