New smart glasses would make a person not be distracted from the work

We all know the principle of education or training, according to which good behavior is rewarded and bad, on the contrary, is punished. Often this approach is called the method of carrot and stick. While positive and negative reinforcement found its place in the workflow primarily in the form of monetary penalties and rewards, the company’s specialists Narbis believe that there is another approach. And for this purpose they release smart glassesthat will make a person not to be distracted from work. Moreover, the device operates in an interesting way.

Glasses that make you not to be distracted — this is something new!

That is capable of smart glasses?

New smart glasses manufactured by Narbis aims to ensure that people were focused on workflow. They prevent distraction by obscuring the lens, if it happened. Otherwise, if the person is focused, the lenses will remain clear. In order to achieve this effect, the smart glasses use three sensors. One of them is located behind each ear and one on the top of the head. These sensors monitor brain activity and on the basis of received data make a conclusion about how distracted people at the moment or not.

The app works thanks to an algorithm based on the development of NASA in the field of neural interfaces. According to the company, the glasses “are designed for simple home use by children and adults” and can be used to provide “instant feedback distraction” during such activities as reading or studying. Also, the gadget can be applied during the working process, concentrating workers to perform specific tasks.

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A special application on a smartphone shows the performance and monitors the progress of the work performed. Experts Narbis thus recommend the use of glasses two or three times a week for 30 minutes to improve attention and concentration and in order to “easily distracted”. Narbis the company also focuses on the fact that the new smart glasses is not a medical device, so use it to correct the pathologies associated with loss of attention, not worth it. Smart glasses available for pre-order on the official website The gadget is 690 USD, but if you decide to pre-order this device, you will receive a discount of $ 100. Would such smart glasses? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

In fact, the gadget looks pretty interesting, but it raises a number of questions. For example, how accurately it works. Even when we are busy in any activity, our brain is not always “upfront”. Long known, for example, that the reading of the text and the invention of the text correspond to the different areas of the brain. Accordingly, the brain activity in these processes will be different. And if so, will the device from Narbis have a “drift” in their work, allowing for deviations in the performance of the brain? And how exactly the device will be set up and calibrated for a specific person? We know this only after the release of the gadget.

Well, in General, not well understood how this technology works read brain activity. While the authors have not disclosed details, so it is not clear what will come out of the gadget in the end. But for a rather unconventional approach Narbis can not praise.

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