New smart watch designed specifically for life saving

Useful and brilliant things are created, usually because of something personal that influenced the ideas of their creators. That’s what happened with Ryan Howard, the Creator of the clock iBeat Heart Watch. The creation of this useful accessory Howard inspired a fear of death. He admitted that he thinks about it considerably more than many other people.

Three years ago a childhood friend of Ryan Howard suddenly died in her sleep. It was this that struck fear in the mind of Howard. He began to look for anything, able to call for help in case of sudden respiratory arrest or a heart attack on the night. Alas, it’s not really appropriate is not found. He had to think about creating our own devices. Three years later came iBeat Heart Watch, which can be purchased for $ 250.

The idea of the device that it looks like a normal watch, but is able to save your life in an emergency. To do this 100 times a second watch collect information about your heartbeat. The information is processed by artificial intelligence. Will be fixed as soon as normal, the watch will alert the user. If the user confirms the problems with health or will not respond within 10 seconds, the watch will call the ambulance service and warn your loved ones.

In addition, the watch equipped with a SOS button. It can be pressed in those cases, if you need emergency assistance, you fell, can’t move or are in danger. Watch is equipped with GPS and cellular network connection. In addition, they connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. In the app on your smartphone you can set the story of his illness and other important information, which will be handed over to the paramedics if necessary. This service costs $ 20 a month, and it includes the subscription fee for mobile services.

It is important to note that according to iBeat, in the case of heart problems help can be useful if it arrives within five minutes. During this time the ambulance to arrive is very difficult. It is for this reason that next month the company will release a mobile app Heart Hero. It would inform the nearest person that he can do for the wearer’s need of urgent assistance.

Ryan Howard believes that his product is designed for people older than 50 years or those who have heart problems. Howard previously considered the possibility of expanding its platform for the Apple Watch, but according to him, the sensors in Apple watch too sharpened on fitness. In addition, the device must be always ready for action. It is for this reason iBeat Heart Watch work from a single charge for four days and can be charged in just over an hour, being on your wrist.

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