New smart watch Huami Amazfit will be very similar to the Apple Watch

Кукишев Дмитрий

Some time ago, the company Huami said that soon will bring to market more than a dozen new smart watches.

Several models have already been shown, but more than half still see the exit. And here we have the opportunity to look at one of the upcoming models.

The names of her yet, but you can evaluate the design on the header image. As you can see, the watch will be similar to the Apple Watch. It is known that the OLED display, the new model will have a greater pixel density than the Apple Watch 341 ppi. For comparison, Apple Watch Series 4 the figure is 325 or 326, depending on the version, and Apple Watch Series 3 — 290 or 304 ppi.

Will there be a higher ppi is achieved through higher resolution or smaller screen is not clear. I think probably still the second.

No other details, so it is unclear whether this model will do a smart watch with a full OS or still the activity tracker with the design of the Apple Watch.

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