New smart watches will be able to recognize any object

Quick and easy pairing different types of electronics together rather greatly expanded the role of each of the devices. Of course, something similar can offer NFC chips, but you can use them not always. But a group of researchers from Dartmouth College and the University of calgary (USA) and Renmin University of China solved this problem by creating “smart” watch that will be able to recognize anything. Even a box of milk or your finger.

What is the problem pairing any device? To do this, at least come to a standard for connectors and communication standards, to equip the gadgets necessary elements for interaction (with the same NFC chips, for example), and these elements require power and nothing but electronics in this system is not included. Moreover, you need to regularly update software and so on. But scientists from China and the United States have found a way out of the situation with the long-known methods: electromagnetic induction.

New device made in the form of a wristwatch (although the configuration is not important here) on the side of which plate is connected to the 5 inductive coils. During operation, the coil generates an electromagnetic field which creates a current in nearby objects. Reading “feedback” from the object, the gadget determines that the object is located nearby. Because for each item “profile”.

Thus each feature is perceived by the device

On the table above you can see the column “dielectric object”. How can watch recognizes them? It’s very simple. Each object was carved unique sticker from… the usual foil. During a series of tests developers test your gadget on the 23 items and the recognition accuracy reached 95.8%, which is very, very good result. Of course, the technology is still at a very early stage of development, but the potential she really has.

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