New solar panels are not just collects energy and sends the surplus back into space

Solar panels are used almost everywhere: from home appliances to space stations. However, this technology has room to grow. According to the publication ScienceAlert, a group of researchers from the USA and China have jointly developed and built the solar panel a new type. It is not simply converts the energy of sunlight into electricity, but also sends excess heat back into space.

The development are researchers from Stanford University and their colleagues from Southeast University. According to the authors, in the heart of the device is the principle of radiation cooling. In General terms, the method can be described as the ability of any object to radiate excess heat in the form of infrared light.

“We built the first device that can simultaneously produce energy and to save her.” — said the authors of the work.

A new invention is essentially a hybrid technology that allows you to combine a solar panel and cooling device. The solar panel itself in this case
is under round the radiative cooler consisting of silicon nitride, pure silicon and aluminum layers in vacuo.

The basic idea is that the solar panel is transparent and permeable to infrared radiation, therefore absorbing most of the solar light, excess heat in the form of infrared radiation is reflected from the lower layer “goes back” and radiates back into space. The researchers claim that their development is aimed not only at improving solar cells, but also to have a positive impact on the environment.

“A large amount of heat coming from the Sun, just stay in the atmosphere of our planet, which in one way or another increases its temperature. Think about the atmosphere as a blanket around the Earth. This blanket prevents the loss of heat is easy to go from the Earth to the cold of the Universe. But in this blanket, there are “holes” through which heat can be transferred back into space.” — said in an interview Zhen Chen, Professor of Chinese at South East University.

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