New tasks in the game World War Z

The team announced the development of the shooting game World War Z for adding new content to the game, the new mission in the Japanese capital Tokyo, also announced the emergence of a new faction of the cannibal appears for the first time, indicating that those plugins will be free for players.

Made the game World War Z a huge success The Beginning released mid April 2019, but decreased the sales of the game relatively in the past few days, the disbursement of the development team that will provide perfect support during the coming period through the reform of the technical problems faced by the players and to put the extras and new updates continuously.

Information about the game World War Z

Game World War Z is a cooperative game available on the personal computers and the current generation of home devices, where the player can configure a group of up to 4 members, cooperating among themselves in the face of hordes of zombies.

And use the game engine unreal engine 4, which engine is capable of producing millions of particles without affecting the performance of the game, allowed the game dynamically, which is the engine used by many games of the series Mass Effect and a series of jersey of Beyond and the Batman series of the series Tom Clancy’s splinter torrent.

The game consists of six chapters can the player choose between them, and the game is the emergence of a large number of enemies up to the appearance of the 1000 enemy on the screen at once, and can players collect different elements of the battlefield enables them to complete various tasks.

The events of the game

The game inspired by the zombie movie of the famous World War Z which was introduced for the first time in 2013, which starred famous artist “Brad Pitt”, the artist “Mer file since the” artist ” Daniela Kurz.”.

The events of the game World War Z film, where they infect the world disaster due to the spread of an epidemic of a strange, about of human beings to the Dead Alive “a zombie”, and in the midst of it, the sheer amount of zombies the player to perform tasks requiring them to face hordes of zombies.

It is good that the game kind of cooperative games, so players are able to complete the required tasks, the success of the armies of zombies, as it turns out in the performances thrill of the game the tasks the game is available in several cities including New York, Moscow, Jerusalem and Berlin and other cities and countries.

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