New technology allows the smartphone to connect to two Wi-Fi at the same time

Over the past few years Vivo actively introduces new and unique technology for its smartphones. We have already seen how the Chinese company was the first in the market, which has provided us a smartphone with a screen at the entire front surface, leaving the hull front camera, a fingerprint scanner below the display and other technologies, and now watch the emergence of yet another new feature, dubbed “Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration”.

Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration allows you to connect to two Wi-Fi simultaneously for a more stable connection

The name of the technology is Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration roughly translates as Double acceleration Wi-Fi, which is quite makes clear what her purpose. The feature allows users to simultaneously connect your mobile device to two Wi-Fi networks that, according to Vivo, helps to ensure a more stable stable, and this, in turn, will be useful in games, but also for faster and smooth performance on the Internet. New technology supports simultaneous connection to Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Announcing Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration, Vivo also showed a short video which showed one of its smartphones with the included Dual Wi-Fi Acceleration intelligent acceleration function of the network. If the tablet is connected to Wi-Fi, clicking on this option opens a list of available networks, where the user can select any network and connect to it, without losing the connection with the first access point.

At the beginning of this week, Vivo released in Indonesia, the smartphone Vivo S1 with the support of new technology, which is also soon to appear in India. Still, the company is now preparing to release in China, the Vivo smartphone Z5. Another smartphone from Vivo with a model number V1916A technology-enabled 5G has been certified by 3C, and it is expected to become the upcoming Vivo iQOO 5G.

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