New technology.. the coffee does not cool the inside of this cup!

If you are addicted to drinking coffee it is possible to not pass it just like any other product. Company Ember has already released a fresh cup can keep the temperature of your drink when a certain degree vary from the application of its own terms show the temperature on the screen will retain the cup automatically on this for hours and throughout the areas to the south to enjoy the same degree that you prefer.

Although many will think that spending $ 80 on a cup is overkill and that it’s not worth it in any form except to sip coffee at your preferred temperature when the selected temperature and for the period that you want would be worth this amount for some other special it’s the only way to do that. According to scientific research the temperature appropriate to drink hot drinks is 136 degrees and the cup temperature is 135 by default.

In spite of the high price that this cup creates about a cup of the last issued of the company Ember at a price of $ 150, and this glass screen set temperature while the first with a larger capacity.

This is not considered the cup product designed for or to where they can only navigate within the work or home for your favorite beverage when you least expect it advantages that make it suitable for travel or trips.

Certainly the technology that is behind these products are promising, no doubt so that the case applied to other products may see amazing results such as Heating milk for the children and also to heat up the food while eating it or move it only to the CEO of Ember explained that the beginning of this cup, not the causes. The reason for putting the mug in the introduction of the company’s products according to its Executive Director that everyone drinks coffee and is ready to disburse more for coffee better and prove that already sell other products especially coffee.

Product design wasn’t easy in any shape according to the work they have to as that his idea wasn’t also easy as were the Commission to establish a certain way of heat transfer to maintain the temperature of the drink required a lot of effort too. And used company provided the Ammunition that helped them to look like the house is plain glass does not feel that there is Technology inside it.

This theme of new technology.. the coffee does not cool the inside of this cup! Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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