New: the application of Edge and Action to create a side bar on the screen of your Android phone

جديد: تطبيق Edge Action لإنشاء شريط جانبي على شاشة هاتفك الأندرويد

Perhaps the negative side and the main companies these days, is the growth permanent and continuous, i.e., increase the screen size of the phones, therefore can make the use very difficult especially with one hand, but fortunately when there is innovation in hardware is offset by another innovation in the software, the application of Edge Action which makes it is to use the phone with one hand easier than you can imagine.

Where does this new app creates a side bar on the edge of the screen, use only all you need to pull it, with the scroll to its tools including contacts, apps, calls,, etc., allowing you like to start with a phone call or a text message directly from the tape,

It also offers you the application Edge Action Panel from quick settings, so you don’t need to access to the Notification Center to toggle WiFi and Bluetooth, etc., and things end at that, where it gives you the Edge Action also have access to file manager, calculator, and the keys of the default shortcuts which are user defined, calendar and many more.

The other plate may be used, which controls the music service Spotify, although you will need to be used for Spotify Premium to enjoy this, there are adjustable where you can adjust the background and choose a color for your custom and set the transparency to anywhere, etc.

Finally apply the Edge Action is available to download for free, but it supports ads, get rid of them you have to buy the full version at a price of 1.49$, with the presence of elements other buy Available at the price of 3.49$.

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