New tools from YouTube to see the time spent on the product and how to control it

أدوات جديدة من يوتيوب لمعرفة الوقت المقضي على المنصة وكيفية التحكم فيه

Developed Google many tools on the platform by the various to inform the users time spent on them, which are going to have large companies. Today the Google launch new tools for the prevention of YouTube to help users to know the duration they spend to watch the video and use the product.

Is considered the most important tool the company launched, is the time spent by the user in watching the video on the product, so divide the time and give details about daily views, weekly, and year in watching videos. But this would be limited to the videos regular away from service music and TV shows YouTube TV.

The other tool to implement the time on YouTube was to send notifications to the user when exceeding the limit of daily viewing, which he selected later, so that if you select an hour of viewing at a maximum in the day, the app will send a notification while viewing from skipping it.

The other thing, is that the user will be able to stop getting the notifications in a specific period during the day, for example when determining the time of 10-11 pm the notices at this time will not arrive, but will arrive at a later time determined by the user to receive from the settings, as he would be able to determine if it wants a voice and rocking with every notice or to rescind it in full to be stuff silent.

The new tools from YouTube to see the time spent on the product and how to control it appeared first on the tech world.

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