New update arrives for the phone Nokia 9 PureView to improve the performance of a fingerprint sensor user interface

Nokia 9 PureView

Received a phone Nokia 9 PureView is a camera of five new update includes a lot of improvements. This update has a size of 250 MB and the build number V4.22C.

Record refers to the changes that this update improves the performance and stability of the operating system, and installs security fixes for the month of April. However, explained to users that this update contains more than that, this update is also performed in accordance with them to improve the performance of the sensor fingerprint built-in screen, but if you don’t see any improvements, try registering your fingerprint again and see if that works.

Other improvements that come with this update include improving the speed of feature to unlock the phone by face, and improve the accuracy of screen colors, as well as improve the degree of color and light. The camera captures pictures better now but the speed of the sound processor still not impressive. Overall, this update is currently available over-the-air, and if I received already on the phone Nokia 9 PureView your, let us know into the comments below.


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