New update brings web browser, games instant to young smart Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal

Despite the scandals of privacy involving the company Facebook recently, the company decided to eventually launch the smart screens own under the name of the Facebook Portal. The revisions to the primary device less impressive where I felt it lacked a certain something.

However, the good news is that if you are one of people who feel comfortable enough to bring the smart screen Facebook Portal with a microphone and camera to your home, we will be happy to tell you that Facebook has recently released an update for your Facebook Portal brings the browser to the device allows users to access the web, in addition to supporting games, instant ” Instant Games “.

Before that, it was available on Facebook Portal who wanted access to a platform like YouTube is that they do so through a version of smart TV from the application. However, bringing the browser to the device means that users will be able to access versions appropriate of YouTube and Facebook, and more. And support of games instant also that the device has become more exciting and fun, if that’s what you want from the screen to your smart.

Unfortunately, still your Facebook Portal opens to entertainment apps such as Netflix, but maybe this is not what you want Facebook to begin with. Generally, it is said that this new update is now available for each of the Facebook Portal and +Facebook Portal.


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